DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote in wearetheboys,


This is going to sound like a weird question, right - it is - but if you were some sort of material, what material would you be?

What material would I be?

Blaise and I were discussing this earlier for some reason and now I'm really curious.

Oh, and I went on a rollercoaster today! First time for everything and the closest I'm likely to get to broomstick flying in this body. :) It was bloody excellent, thanks.
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Beige canvas.

I had a pair of plimsoles your colour once.
At the moment, sandpaper.

Have wondered since around this time last year what wizards would make of rollercoasters. Glad you liked it.
Are you all right, love? Miss you, and would like to see you before I go to America if I can, if you're in London this week at all?

Yeah, didn't want to bother you because you've had cooler people to see than me :) but yeah, I'm around next week, although from your later post you seem a bit busy. Let me know.
Stuff and nonsense, as they say. I miss you. Could see you Thursday evening? Or Friday daytime?