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He's insane, I'm taking over's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
He's insane, I'm taking over

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[hijack] [15 Jul 2010|07:12am]

I'm totally not ready for LJ to wipe our memories yet, just saying. We are still the boys and we still live here, even though now we're 18 Koreans and a million other weird people and three ghosts. :x Plus I would miss the hell out of Noel's posts and whatnot. Shh, it is 7am, I have no idea what I am talking about.
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[Blaise] [17 Jun 2007|07:02am]

Well, now. There may have been better Sunday mornings, but I doubt it.

Here we are. Harry is off somewhere talking to birds about something or other; he does this. I am practically swooning from happiness and our girl is her usual shy self but I'm relatively certain she's nearly as happy as I am.
Nearly, mind. Nobody can quite touch my happiness, I don't think.
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[H] [09 Jun 2007|11:40pm]

This is going to sound like a weird question, right - it is - but if you were some sort of material, what material would you be?

What material would I be?

Blaise and I were discussing this earlier for some reason and now I'm really curious.

Oh, and I went on a rollercoaster today! First time for everything and the closest I'm likely to get to broomstick flying in this body. :) It was bloody excellent, thanks.
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[hijack] [08 Jun 2007|08:27pm]

<3 Overheard.

That's all. My boys have been fantastic today. But still I mock them! Because I am allowed.

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[H] [08 Jun 2007|08:08am]

Shameless attention-gathering nicked off raavah.

Survey thing.Collapse )
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[Blaise] [30 May 2007|05:44pm]

It never, ever ceases to amaze me how stupid some people can be.

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[H] [28 May 2007|08:13pm]

I quote from spam we got today :

Switching, window blurry short troubles funniest. Senior, columnist herb, greenberg bubble nasdaq moredan, gross?
Coolest effects skins moreadd?
Nvidia geforce glasss became usable stability artifacts switching! Anything metal, inside, may, want clip connect? Cost estimated eight thousand manyears.

That's still less cryptic and, as spam, less offensively so than some people's LiveJournal posts! 'Cost estimated eight thousand manyears' indeed. I can still hurt people you know, I may have a comedy turban but I've also got a wand and a fuck-off big cricket bat.
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[Blaise] [28 May 2007|11:13am]

'Home', I said. "I'll be home soon".

I have always known where I belonged, always, in my heart, even when I was elsewhere. Now, I've no idea.
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[H] [26 May 2007|02:47pm]

All bow before my turban! Well, my one's purple, but it's like that. I could be in Gilbert & Sullivan. I also found this in the same charity shop (oh, yeah, I bought the turban in a charity shop on the way home last night) because it was underneath the turban and the cover is so fucking funny.

I'm passing the time while everyone else is being ridiculous or maudlin or whatever by reading bad fanfiction and laughing so hard my turban keeps falling off. It's not very dignified but at least I'm happy. This one features the immortal line "They were both slaves to the sex". It's fucking funny, is what it is.

And it starts "Maybe it was because they were both lonley."
Maybe it wasn't.
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[hijack] [26 May 2007|02:49am]

Move him into the sun -
Gently its touch awoke him once,
At home, whispering of fields unsown.
Always it woke him, even in France,
Until this morning and this snow.

I feel like hell. I'm just saying. Not even Harry can make me smile. And he's got a turban on. For some fucking reason.

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[Blaise] [22 May 2007|12:57pm]

Days, now, since I've been home. Longer than I've ever gone before without warning, six-month madness aside. I've no idea what I'll find there, so for now I'll stay here with my girl. I've made us both lunch and it's absolute heaven outside. I only wish I had extended company to share the sunlight with.

I'm well, though, in the event that any of you were wondering. Never better, perhaps, though life is not without its little difficulties.
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[hijack] [17 May 2007|10:32am]

One day. One short day where nobody acts like an idiot, pray god, sometime this next coming couple of weeks so I don't have to feel like someone has bulldozed me QUITE SO HARD for once.

Blaise got his spine broken this morning! yay. Fixed now. Can't do more than crawl, however. Oh, he'll be fine tomorrow. Magic. Hurray for magic.

Harry SET FIRE TO HIS APARTMENT. Accidentally, which is even more annoying than him doing it deliberately.

Someone I saw yesterday LECTURED ME ABOUT THE EVILS OF SOULBONDING. I was furious. This morning I'm just like WELL, MAYBE YOU WERE RIGHT.

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[H] [14 May 2007|07:52pm]

There doesn't seem to be a book called The Art Of Scowling. I might write it.

I love kids. Look at them!

The Joy Of Scowling, maybe? The Art Of Scowling. The Joy Of Scowling. I'm not sure.

ETA : Whatever I call it, the front page will probably feature my face on first seeing this.
Anybody feel like making me a version of it that replaces everyone's names with 'gin', 'beer', 'brandy', 'pie' and 'kicks'?
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[hijack] [14 May 2007|02:55pm]

Multiple Monday. Killing time and things.

1) Are any front runners in a relationship?
Yes. :) Mikey's still with Jade and only a serious solvent could pull Nils away from Davey. Harry is sort of involved with the Draco in his universe (both of them would deny this furiously), Steve is...something? with Gavin Friday. And Blaise won't have me say for fear of The Jinx. Soppy bunch of idiots. :) I'm single! Very very single.

2) Do people have separate relationships or is it one body, one love life?
Eh. It's hard to have one of yours get totally wrapped up in someone in someone else's head without falling a bit for that someone yourself, isn't it? God knows I wouldn't expect anyone to share my love life though. So, bit of both maybe?

3) Do you have relationships in house?
No internal whatsit at the moment, no.

4) Do you tell your partners that you are part of a household?
Yes. It's too important for me to lie about it or pretend it's not there. The others...depends where they meet their partners? If it's someone in their own universe then sometimes not. Harry's Draco for example wouldn't have a clue; Blaise's Draco always knew and would come and speak to me sometimes. Depends.

5) Have you ever been in a relationship with another household?
Not me (nearly, though. weird business.) but most of them have. It just seems to happen that way. It's like 'oh my god! another head with people in it! THINGS LIKE US! >CLING!<' and then, well, what can you do? :)
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[hijack] [13 May 2007|09:16am]

Meme. Because I have had no! sleep! ever and I need something to do.

Under here.Collapse )

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[Blaise] [12 May 2007|10:34pm]

She has been watching Eurovision all night. Your sympathy, please.

I never did do well alone with time to think. Never.
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[Blaise] [11 May 2007|12:32am]

I am destroyed. I can't go home, I can't sleep, I can't stay awake. I can't stop crying, and for me to admit this here I'm sure you realise just how very tired I am.

Walking home to Emily's tonight I was asked by a charming and hopeful middle-aged gentleman where the local red light district was. I must have a sign around my neck.

[Blaise] [10 May 2007|05:39pm]

Why can't I fight something? Why is there nothing to fight? It hardly seems fair.
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[PS music hijack] [09 May 2007|11:00pm]

For Remus : Le Dîner - Bénabar
Please note this didn't make me think of you because I think you are like this. I just thought it would make you smile, and besides, good French pop is a rarity.

Lyrics in French and then the English translation...under the cut.Collapse )
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[pointless hijack] [09 May 2007|10:26pm]

I wish, said Florence, that I didn't keep discovering new kinks my boys have. I have enough trouble getting my head around most of the old ones.

And this one is. never going to happen, and. what, really. Would you bastards please give me notice next time?

Wearily amused, yours &c,

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