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Multiple Monday. Killing time and things.

1) Are any front runners in a relationship?
Yes. :) Mikey's still with Jade and only a serious solvent could pull Nils away from Davey. Harry is sort of involved with the Draco in his universe (both of them would deny this furiously), Steve is...something? with Gavin Friday. And Blaise won't have me say for fear of The Jinx. Soppy bunch of idiots. :) I'm single! Very very single.

2) Do people have separate relationships or is it one body, one love life?
Eh. It's hard to have one of yours get totally wrapped up in someone in someone else's head without falling a bit for that someone yourself, isn't it? God knows I wouldn't expect anyone to share my love life though. So, bit of both maybe?

3) Do you have relationships in house?
No internal whatsit at the moment, no.

4) Do you tell your partners that you are part of a household?
Yes. It's too important for me to lie about it or pretend it's not there. The others...depends where they meet their partners? If it's someone in their own universe then sometimes not. Harry's Draco for example wouldn't have a clue; Blaise's Draco always knew and would come and speak to me sometimes. Depends.

5) Have you ever been in a relationship with another household?
Not me (nearly, though. weird business.) but most of them have. It just seems to happen that way. It's like 'oh my god! another head with people in it! THINGS LIKE US! >CLING!<' and then, well, what can you do? :)
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