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All bow before my turban! Well, my one's purple, but it's like that. I could be in Gilbert & Sullivan. I also found this in the same charity shop (oh, yeah, I bought the turban in a charity shop on the way home last night) because it was underneath the turban and the cover is so fucking funny.

I'm passing the time while everyone else is being ridiculous or maudlin or whatever by reading bad fanfiction and laughing so hard my turban keeps falling off. It's not very dignified but at least I'm happy. This one features the immortal line "They were both slaves to the sex". It's fucking funny, is what it is.

And it starts "Maybe it was because they were both lonley."
Maybe it wasn't.
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Maybe it was because they were just two teenage boys in the throes of puberty.

^this? More likely.

The boy gripping onto the head for support was presently pushed into a wall

I'm not even sure what that means. Is that me? Maybe I'm the head. Or the wall!

"Unh..." the lone sound emitted from Harry's full, pert lips


Evidently you weren't wearing your TURBAN OF ARTICULACY. But at least the plastic surgery went without a hitch.

at least the plastic surgery went without a hitch.

It fucking didn't :

Harry practically screams, the need to release aparent in the tightness in his pants and the twisted expression plastered upon his face.

This was the fashion the two lovers had been meeting in for close to three weeks now.

You were wearing your turban!

A skilled, ivory hand snaked its way down Harry's torso

He's been down Knockturn Alley again apparently. Or on the Addams Family set.

"Whatthe...fuckd'ja stop for?" Draco said, his words slurred and low, but at the same time bedeviled.

I LAUGH WITH ROAR as they say.

Slightly taken aback by Draco's sudden abrasiveness

Who did I think I was shagging?!
Wait, no, what if his cock's turned into sandpaper and that's what they mean?


OH WOW. That book is epic. I need it. NEED IT.

Also, congratulations on your first turban. You've lost your turban virginity! Ha.
Have you heard the 'Do you take it up the arse?' song by the way? Have a feeling it'd be right up your, er, as it were.

*smirk* No, we haven't. We'd love to, though - speaking for, er, most of us and myself.