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Shameless attention-gathering nicked off raavah.

I AM: sober. It's early morning and, frighteningly, Blaise and I have got to work together today. I'll get very drunk this afternoon.

I WANT: a set of genie robes to go with my turban.

I WISH: I'd known the phrase "You know what? Fuck you." at the age of eleven. Seriously, doesn't it strike you as really convenient for Dumbledore that I happened to have been raised in a family situation which made me cowed and accustomed to following orders even when I didn't like it? Yeah.

I HATE: bees. Among other things.

I MISS: getting up in the morning to go do two hours' training with Charlie. Among other things.

I FEAR: waking up to find out the rum's gone.

I HEAR: Draco boiling the kettle.

I WONDER: why, if they love me enough to make me into a cake, they'd then make that cake look like this. (Why you can get Nimbus 2000 earrings. Who wants these. I wonder a lot of things.)

I REGRET: waking up this morning.

I AM NOT: convinced by your argument, sir.

I DANCE: so badly. Fuck, you would not believe.

I SING: worse! But far more often.

I CRY: at films but not much else.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: drunk. Living proof right now!

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: but you can always stop me by hitting them with a rolled-up newspaper or something, just so you know.

I WRITE: as little as possible. You guys mostly haven't lived through times when it was a very bad idea to keep a permanent record of anything but believe me, you never really get out of the habit of paranoia.

I CONFUSE: everybody, apparently. I don't know what people are expecting Harry Potter to be like but it isn't ever me.

I NEED: ...I dunno. What do you think I need?

I SHOULD: get us up and out back into central London pretty soon.

I START: fights in bars. Maybe that's why I'm in this head, because Mal Reynolds is.

I FINISH: ...fights in bars?

I LOVE: unnerving Emily by making up completely spurious fantasies of hot wizard sex and telling her them when she's trying to do something complicated like walk down the road.

I REMEMBER: less than everyone else up here. I'm pretty much fine with that most of the time.
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