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wearetheboys's Journal

He's insane, I'm taking over
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I blame notintheseheels and sparksoflight, sort of.

This deserves more. I'll get back to it. Maybe I should just write a little exposition on the interests list. That should cover it.

"Strange lights are seldom harbingers of joy." - http://nac.tamu.edu/x075bb/survival.html
"lab technician" oh really, acting, adam hills kisses boys, alternate universes, anthony zhar, badfic, badly dressed potato wedges, being believed in, being insane, blaise zabini, books and flowers, boys, boys in bands, boys in blue dresses, chris corner, comedians having gay sex, constant mouse peril, cows, crowded up here, davey havok, drag, dressing up, fiction, flying monkeys in russia, frank saying "jehosophat howard", gavin friday, gerard way, gerbob's your uncle, girls, glitter, god only knows, going slightly mad, gus and waldo, hating will the psycho, helplessly adoring ivy, holy_shit man_walks on_fucking moon, inappropriate cavorting, infinite universes, interests list in-jokes, irish flamewars, jack fairy, javelin, jeffree's complex relationship system, jeph's hooker tattoo, john paul and craig, kaylee, kris out of hollyoaks, laughing at aiden, laura's dragons, letting them choose music, listening, makeup, mal's pretty floral bonnet, mash & wal, methinks this is wrong, mikey way, mikey way's obscure fetishes, mocking mr. abrupt trousers, mocking the est, muses, needling draco, nils, ninja tigers, no celery fellatio plz, no czech pornstars plz, no ferrets, no good deed, noel fielding, not being italian/female/black/redhead/whatever, not canon compliant, not fucking coping mechanisms, not what you think, noticing-magnolias gay, people in my head, people in your head, pieces of rainbow, pulling all-nighters with shay, qntal blurs the boundaries, quella notte, questa notte, schoolboys in love, screaming stigmas, sea of doctor socks, sentient hoovers, slash, sockpuppets, sparkly little mismatched girlfriend, staying up all night, steve jansen, storytelling, superhero catboy forthewin, the archmages navel (pub!), the drunken hobbit song, the emperor brian iv, the soup song, the turban, the used, the willow cabin, tom ward/david tennant, trousers of time, vampire orgies with jesus, well the bastards insisted, writing, wtf wtf dog, yowling cross-dressing trapeze artists